Business Cloud

For business with less than 5 lines. - United States & Canada
Phone Lines not included

Simple Cloud Phone System
Works with 99% of Carriers on Landline, SIP or VOIP.
United States & Canada Visual Voicemail Call Recording User Control Panel No International Calling Features

Moving your business phone system to the cloud is simple and straightforward. Setup is fast, and implementation specialist will facilitate a smooth transition for all of your office locations and remote workers. Your account representative helps you determine how many users and how many IP phones your business will need. Use your existing IP phones, or rent them from RingCentral at affordable prices. You also can connect your desktops and smartphones to the service with free applications You can manage your entire phone system from your desktop computer or smart devices for all users across all office locations. It’s an integrated solution, all managed through the cloud. You have complete control, all using a familiar, user-friendly web interface with check boxes, dropdown menus, and fill-in text fields. It’s easy to add and change users, assign phones, manage extensions and groups anytime from anywhere in the world. No need to tie up your IT department or schedule a visit from an expensive contractor or a phone-company technician. Best of all, your users can manage most of their own settings from their own computers and smartphones. So they take less of your time and resources. When you see how easy it is to manage your cloud phone system, you will never look back leaving on-premise systems behind. Mobile Apps integrates mobile devices into company phone systems. For most businesses today, BYOD (bring your own device to work) is here to stay. Employees don’t want to carry two phones, one for work and one for personal calls. Yet integrating personal mobile devices into the corporate system is a challenge for management—and for security. Fully integrate employee mobile devices into the company business phone system. Employees can recive calls, check business voicemail, and access the company directory. And because they are using their business number, not their personal number, they maintain their business identity. 

  • Unlimited Incoming Calls - United States & Canada
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • User Control Panels
  • 1 Static IP Address
  • 4GB of Memory
  • 90GB of SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Phones  - sold seperatly 
  • Unlimited Lines - sold seperatly 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Estimated 15-25 Simultaneous Calls
  • Unlimited User Extensions
  • VPS Node Monitored 24/7/365
  • Low Latency Bandwidth
  • Hosted in Secure Datacenter
  • Preconfigured Fail2Ban Firewall
  • G.729 Support
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